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M. Ragheb

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PHYS 101-102, MATH 241, CHBE 221 or Instructor consent.


3 undergraduate units. 4 graduate units with term paper or special project.



Two midterm tests and one final test are scheduled.

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Calendar for Spring Semester, 2021  

Room 100H Talbot Laboratory

Online Synchronous lecture meetings with required attendance until end of Pandemic

Attendance is required at online meetings during pandemic

1:00 pm-1:50 pm, MWF

First Midterm

Mon. March 1, online

Second Midterm

Mon, April 5, online

Final examination

Friday, May 7, 2021  online

Instruction Begins Monday, January 25
M. L. King Day Wednesday, January 20 (no classes)
Spring Vacation Begins Saturday, March 13, 1 p.m. cancelled
Instruction Resumes Monday, March 22, 7 a.m. cancelled
Instruction Ends Wednesday, May 5
Reading Day Thursday, May 6
Final Examinations Begin Friday, May 7
Final Examinations End Friday, May 14
Commencement Saturday, May 15

Wednesday February 17(no classes) Day Off

Wednesday March 24 (no classes) Day Off

Tuesday April 13 (no classes) Day Of

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Bridging the Supply-Demand Gap

M. Ragheb


1.   Energy Storage Options
2.   Solar Thermal Power and Energy Storage Historical Perspective
3.   Thermal Energy Storage
4.   Thermal Energy Storage with Solar Power Generation
5.   Battery Technology
6.   Electric Vehicles Technology
Energy Hydrogenation and Decarbonization
8.   Steam Reforming  
9.   Carbon Dioxide Reforming
10. High Temperature Water Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production
11. Thermochemical Iodine Sulfur Process for Hydrogen Production
12. The Hydrogen Economy
13. High Voltage Direct Current for Wind Power
14. Smart Electrical Grid and Metering
15. Hydrogen Storage
16. Metal Hydrides
17. Primary and Secondary Storage Batteries
18. Battery Power Density, Life Cycle and Cost
19. Nickel Cadmium  and Lithium Ion Batteries

20. What makes a Sound Utility Storage Battery
21. Redox Flow Batteries and Regenerative Fuel Cells

22. Fuel Cell Kinetics
23. Fuel Cell Modeling
24. Carbon Capture and Storage
25. Societal Implications of Energy Transport and Storage
26. Pumped Energy Storage
27. Pumped Storage in Association with the Red Sea to Dead Sea Peace Canal
28. Pumped Storage Qattara Depression Solar Hydroelectric Power Generation
29. Cryogenic Energy Storage
30. Compressed Air Energy Storage
31. Kinetic Energy Flywheel Energy Storage
32. Sustainable Global Energy, Desertec Concept
33. Electrochemical Supercapacitor
34. Safety Aspects of Thermal Energy Installations
35. Urea Power
36. Battery and Fuel Cell Aircraft
37. Metal Hydrides Alloys for Hydrogen Storage
38. Run of River Hydroelectric Power
39. Ultra Capacitors Electrostatic Energy Storage
40. Natural Gas as a Bridge Fuel Toward Renewables
41. Algae Growth for Biodiesel Production
42. Global Climatic Variation and Energy Use
43. Nanopore Multilayer Isotope Batteries
44. Nuclea
r Battery using Clusters in Nanomaterials
45. Powerwall and Powerpack Tesla Batteries
46. Electrical Generation and Grid System Integration
47. Sustainable Energy and Resource Management
Salt Gradient Solar Pond
49. Quantum Glass Battery
50. Solid State Batteries
51. Structural batteries
52. Gravitational Potential Energy Storage
53. Aerodynamic Solar Electric Vehicles


I.       Greek Prefixes
II.      Abbreviations
III.    Conversion Factors and Physical Constants
IV.    Carbon Dioxide Emissions
V.      Energy Content of Different Fuels

VI.    Vector Relations
VII.   Greek Alphabet



Student Presentations, Spring 2021

Robert Adamski, "Battery and hydrogen aircraft concepts"
Aaryaman Batra, "Energy Storage options for the International Space Station and in Space/Satellites"
Austin Lenzi,
"Gravitational Potential Energy Storage"
Sarah Long,
"Compressed Air Energy Storage"
Arthur Mazzeo, "Quantum Glass Battery"
Eric Mulshine,
"Electrochemical Super Capacitors"
Thomas Ruane, "Flow Batteries"
Sonia Chandra :Feasibility of 100% Zero Emission Vehicles in Illinois Powered by Renewable Energy Sources Only."
Roberto Fairhurst Agosta,
"Solid State Batteries"
Gonto Johns, "Plant Microbial Fuel Cells (PMFC)
Yolonda L. Newman, "Recent Advances in Fuel Cell Applications" ????? Monday, April 19, 2021 ?????

Jack Osborne, "Smart Two-way Electric Vehicles Charging/Discharging of Intermittent Wind Power Supply to the National Grid." Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Carly Romnes, "Energy storage options in conjunction with nuclear power generation"
Shashank Subramaniam, "Latest  Improved Tesla batteries design" ????? Friday, April 23, 2021 ?????
Tim Wallace, "Structural batteries"

Presentation dates
Jack Osborne: Wednesday 4/14/2021

Student Presentations, Spring 2020

Stuti Surani,  "Progress of Solar Pond technology, Bhuj and Earlier Projects."

Student Presentations, Spring 2016

Alex Lopez, "Tesla Batteries,",  4/4/2016.
Andrew Groll, "Practical Hydrogen Fuel Development, A non-nuclear feasibility study,", 4/8/2016.
Sheel Shah, "Super Capacitors,", 4/11/2016.
Bartosz Turek, "Wind Power Intermittency and Energy Storage,", 4/15/2016
Raman Aggarval, "Graphene as Energy Storage Medium of the Future,", 4/18/2016
Sarika Malani, "Fuel Cell Airplane,", 4/20/2016
Dan O'Grady,  "Cryogenic Energy Storage,", 4/25/2016
Cory Markham, "Advanced Applications of Flywheels,", 4/27/2016
Perren Delaney,  "Flow Cell Batteries,", 4/29/2016
Byron Mui, "Gravitational Potential Energy Storage,", 5/2/2016

Student Presentations, Fall 2014

Daniel Gardner-Dale, "Ultra Capacitors for Energy Storage"
Daniel Schultz, "Conventional and Advanced Flywheel Energy Storage"
Peter Ota, "Sulfur Based Thermochemica Process for Hydrogen Production"
Rubens B. Filho, "Decentralized Energy Production in Rural Areas"
Abbijit Limaye, " How 'Tesla' developed its Electrical Vehicle (EV) Car"
Joseph Flanagan, "Electric Vehicle Integration in the Grid System"
Daniel Li, "Production of hydrocarbons from Carbon Dioxide"
Thomaz Perilli, "Cryogenic Energy Storage"
Matthew Baxley, "Advances in Metal Hydrides for Energy Storage"
Nicholas Rivera, "Micro-grids for Distributed Power Generation in Developing Countries"
Melixa Rivera-Sustache, "Lead-Acid Battery 'Regeneration' with Life Cells to Improve Energy Storage and Waste Reduction"
Garrett Gusloff, "Metal Air Batteries"
Brenden Yung, "Nano-fluidic Fuel Cells"
Christian Zircher, "Current and Upcoming Battery Technology"
Miao Lu, "The Use of Energy Storage Systems in Electrical Resource Planning"
Gabriel Fraga, "Aluminum Utilization for Hydrogen Production"
Chris Kuprianczyk, "Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage"

Student Presentations, Fall 2012

Louis Chapdelaine, "Energy Storage in Vehicular Applications"
Piyum Zonnoz, "Urban Energy Generation and Storage"

Muyun Cai, "A Comparison Study on Natural Gas Engine and Gasoline Engine"
John Seo, "Stirling Engines"
Jonathan Pfingsten, "Algae Growth for Biodiesel Production"
Monish Singh, "The Smart Electrical Grid"
Rui Lin Tan, "Nuclear Power in Your Car. Radioisotopic Thermoelectric Generators"

Student Presentations, Fall 2011

Stephen Prtty, "Flow Batteries for Energy Storage"

Vikram Vilasur Swaminathan,  "Metal Hydrides"
Rabie Abu Salem, "Wind Power Energy Storage"
Aris Dumbris, "Viability of Waste Utilization for Algae Production"
Saurav Mohapatra, "Grid Scale Energy Storage"
Anjes Najar, "Electric Vehicle Conversion"

Zach Shukur, "Managing Carbon Emissions"
Imran Haddish,  "Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier Distribution Network"

Ron Orndorf, "Algae Farming"
Marta Baginska, "Metal Air Batteries"

Kashif Nawaz, "Energy Transport Compounds"

Student Presentations, Fall 2010

Gilbert Stungard, "Urea as an Energy Carrier"

Christopher Reed,  "Flywheel Energy Storage"
Tapan Patel, "Laminar Flow Fuel Cells"

Beth Papanek,  "Alcohol for Fuel"
Liang Meng,  "Solar Photovoltaic with Energy Storage"
Bing Guo, "Advanced Biofuels"
Vishal Nandigana, "Nanofluidic Fuel Cells"
Constantinos Mitsingas, "Fischer Tropsch Process"

Jason Peck, "Sulfur Iodine Reaction for Hydrogen Production"
Ryan Switts, "Three Gorges Hydroelectric Dam"
Chris Crone, "Salt Gradient Solar Pond"

James Babiarz, "Factors and Feasibility of Energy Plan"
Michael Rybalko, "Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine with Electrolyser for Hydrogen Energy Storage"

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