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Assignments and Teaching Assistants

        Assignments will account for 40 percent of the final grade.


Two midterm tests and one final test are scheduled.

Assignments and term project: 40  percent of the final grade.

Each test will account for 20 percent of the final grade for a total of 60 percent of the final grade.

3 hours or 3/4 unit

Calendar for Spring Semester, 2006

Room 203, Nuclear Engineering Laboratory

1:00-1:50 pm MWF 

First Midterm

Mon. Feb. 27, 2006, during class period.

Second Midterm

Mon. Apr. 3, 2006, during class period.

Final examination

Sat. May 6, 2006, 1:30-4:30

Instruction's beginning

Tue. Jan. 17, 2006

Spring Break Sat. 3/18/2006 - Sun. 3/26/2006

Instruction's end

Wed. May 3rd, 2006

Reading Day

Thu. May 4th, 2006

Final examinations

Fri. May 5, 2006-Fri. May 12, 2006

Commencement Sun. May 14, 2006

Lecture Notes

Radiation Protection and Shielding

  M. Ragheb

1. Radiation Dosimetry
 2. Cosmic and Space Radiation
3. Ionizing Radiation Units and Standards
4. Nonionizing Radiation
5. Environmental Radiation
6. Radiation Hormesis
7. Environmental Remediation of Radioactive Contamination
8. Radiobiological Processes
9. Gamma Rays Interaction with Matter

10. Attenuation of Gamma radiation
11. Gamma and X rays Detection
12. Transport Theory
13. Mathematical Formulation of Particle Transport

14. Radioactive Transformation Theory
15. Neutron Collision Theory
16. The Monte Carlo Method
17. Random Numbers Generation
18. Analog Monte Carlo
19. Sampling Methods

20. Sampling Special Distributions
21. Estimation Methods in Monte Carlo Particle Transport Simulations.
22. Nuclear Medicine Applications
23. Positron Emission Tomography
24. Nuclear Sterile Insect Technique
25. Food Preservation by Radiation
26. Management of Radioactive Waste


  Neutron dosimetry code
Input data
Cf-252 neutron source in water cylinder input data
30 group cross sections: H2
30 group cross sections: Na
 Vector Relations
 List of the Known Elements
 Table of Neutron Cross Sections
 Conversion Factors and Physical Constants
 Systeme International (SI), Prefixes and Symbols
 Greek Alphabet
 Natural Nuclides Table
 Artificial and Natural Nuclides Table

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External Links

Nuclear Data for Isotopes and Elements

Nuclear Information Websites

Radiation Safety and Health Physics

Nuclear Power Plants and Government Organizations

Research Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear Reactor Designs

Breeder Nuclear Reactor Designs

Accelerator-Driven Reactors and Waste Transmutation

Accidents at Nuclear Facilities

Nuclear Fusion

Laboratories Involved in Fusion Research

Magnetic and Inertial Confinement Concepts for Fusion Reactors

Alternative Confinement Concepts for Fusion Reactors

Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion

  Marine Propulsion

Elemental Activation Analysis

Biological Research with Radioisotopes and Radiation

Medical Research with Radioisotopes and Radiation

Industrial Research with Radioisotopes and Radiation

Cancer Therapies

Food Irradiation and Sterilization

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References and Resources

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                Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458, 2001.

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